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Quiz yourself on paradigms in Biblical Greek, Biblical Hebrew, Modern Spanish

Why would I want Paradigms Master Pro?

Better learning


Paradigms Master Pro lets you do mock tests on paradigms.

The tests provide repetition — good for learning — and variation, so it stays fun.

Master your paradigms

Become a star

Do you want to excel in parsing Biblical Greek? Parsing Biblical Hebrew? Or knowing the morphology of Spanish?

Get the best tool for learning!

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  • Quizzes you on paradigms
  • Thousands of forms
  • Hundreds of quizzes

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Learn and retain word paradigms

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It's a software quiz

Paradigms Master Pro is a software quiz on word paradigms.

Now you don't have to devise mock exams yourself. Just pick a quiz in Paradigms Master Pro, and get a fresh learning experience.

Easy to use

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Languages quizzed

Paradigms Master Pro exists in four versions:

Languages quizzed

Become a star!

Become a star!

Many students have testified that Paradigms Master Pro gives them the edge they need, in order to master the paradigms of the languages they study.

Even professors have written to us with endorsements, and how it helps their students.


“Paradigms Master Pro has inestimable value for students who are trying to learn how to parse and understand grammar. To me, it is an incredible tool, and does for the student what I had to do for myself, namely devise little mock tests for my own studies. Every seminary should get this so that students could do their own mock exams.”

Grant Osborne, PhD
Professor, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School at Deerfield (TEDS)

“Parsing is not the fun part of learning Biblical Hebrew, Paradigms Master Pro makes it fun. It is a simple and easy way to approach one of the most complex aspects of learning Biblical Hebrew. Our students, and their grades, testify that it works for them.”

Prof. Dr. Christo van der Merwe
Professor, Stellenbosch University, South Africa

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