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Company ownership

The company behind Paradigms Master Pro is Scripture Systems ApS, operated by Ulrik Sandborg-Petersen, PhD.

Buying via FastSpring

When you click the images labelled "Buy now", you will be taken to the store operated by FastSpring, Inc. of California, USA. FastSpring resells Paradigms Master Pro on behalf of Scripture Systems ApS. Your credit card information is safe with FastSpring.

Once you have made your purchase via FastSpring, we will issue a license key to you. Your license key will arrive in an email from FastSpring.

Prices, Currencies, and Contract Language

All prices are exclusive of applicable sales tax. The Customer must pay in US Dollars (USD).

Citizens of the EU currently get a discount proportional to their VAT rate, so that the price includes VAT. EU businesses with a valid EU VAT number can provide that VAT number and so not have to pay VAT.

All Contracts are entered in English.

Export Control Regulations

The product may be subject to export controls, and the delivery is therefore subject to the granting of the export authorisation required.

Contacting Scripture Systems ApS (Impressum)

You may contact Scripture Systems using any one of the methods given below:

Email (preferred): sales@scripturesys.com

Phone: +45 6170 6850 (Time zone: Central European Time)

Postal address:

	  Scripture Systems ApS
	  Nørregade 22, 2.tv.
	  9000 Aalborg

EU VAT number: DK36935073

Distancing from other websites

Our website may provide links to other websites over which we have no control. We are not responsible for the content or operation of those websites, and we hereby wish to distance ourselves from any obligation relating to external websites.


About PMP

Paradigms Master Pro is a software quiz for learning and retaining paradigms. PMP currently works with Biblical Greek, Biblical Hebrew, Latin, and modern Spanish.

Contact us

Scripture Systems ApS
Nørregade 22, 2nd floor left
9000 Aalborg, Denmark

(+45) 6170 6850