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“Having been an instructor in university level sciences for 20 years, I think I know a g...” read more
Hilary Fijolek

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What others are saying...

Having been an instructor in university level sciences for 20 years, I think I know a good learning tool when I see one, and Paradigm Master Pro is great! I'm learning biblical Greek on my own, and have gotten about two-thirds through first year Greek. Even though I have a very good textbook, with a workbook and answer key, being self-taught comes with difficulty in testing one's knowledge accurately.

This program has been fantastic in letting me know how well I am mastering the paradigms, and exactly where my weaknesses are. I have gained speed and accuracy in translation already in using it for just a short time. I love the fact that there are two levels of quizzes, so I can gain confidence with the multiple choice quizzes, and then test myself more thoroughly with the full paradigms quizzes.

Also, while some programs seem to focus on a specific textbook (such as Mounce), this one does not. This is actually a great strength! If you truly know how words are formed in a language, and you want to become proficient, you need to be able to parse even unfamiliar words correctly. And one of the best features of the program is being able to choose how much you want to be tested on. You can select everything from small mini-quizzes on, for example, only second declension feminine nouns or only present active indicative verbs, all the way up to major tests on 308 nouns in all declensions, or 1784 verbs in almost every mood and tense! You can also select from a drop-down menu the number of quiz questions randomly asked out of the total available. Also, it's easy to go back to incorrect answers and review them again before you quit a quiz. The immediate feedback showing all possible correct answers and a % grade on your work is invaluable in learning and staying motivated. The program runs smoothly, the fonts in both Greek and Hebrew are ready to read, and the user interface is intuitive and easy to master.

Hilary Fijolek

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Institutions, colleges, universities, seminaries, schools, and other organisations may wish to buy a site license.

A site license allows your institution to install the full version of Paradigms Master Pro on an unlimited number of computers within your organisation. It also allows you to give free, full versions to your students, employees, and other affiliates.

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