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“Significant thanks for this! So pleased our tutor put me on to it, we're all grateful! ...” read more
Adam Pymble, Oxford University

Endorsements from Professors

Prof. Dr. Grant Osborne

“Paradigms Master Pro has inestimable value for students who are trying to learn how to parse and understand grammar. To me, it is an incredible tool, and does for the student what I had to do for myself, namely devise little mock tests for my own studies. Every seminary should get this so that students could do their own mock exams.”

Grant Osborne, PhD
Professor, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School at Deerfield (TEDS)


Prof. Dr. Christo van der Merwe

“Parsing is not the fun part of learning Biblical Hebrew, Paradigms Master Pro makes it fun. It is a simple and easy way to approach one of the most complex aspects of learning Biblical Hebrew. Our students, and their grades, testify that it works for them.”

Prof. Dr. Christo van der Merwe
Professor, Stellenbosch University, South Africa

Testimonials from students

Michael Agerbo Mørch

As a student of theology, it has been a tremendous help for me to use PMP. To learn to crunch the morphology of Hebrew and Greek grammar is not an easy task, but it has been quite fun, actually, with the help of this program. Nowadays it is a good friend of mine to keep me sharp on the grammar and to remember to use the languages practically in exegesis and sermon preparation.

Michael Agerbo Mørch, Copenhagen Lutheran School of Theology


Giovanna Paltrinieri

Wow! I got maximum marks both on greek and hebrew exams! Thanks to paradigm master pro. I generally have no problems with grammar (I can “understand” it) but to memorize paradigms… that’s really something I hate! With this tool paradigms became so familiar that I had no problem and I felt really sure on it. With paradigms master pro I could fill all those lost moments waiting for the beginning of a conference, of a meeting, of a lesson (and be safe when the speaker was too boring…). And it is a good way to “open the brain” when beginning a study lesson or to revise last things waiting for your exam turn.

Per gli italiani: basta poco inglese per poterlo usare! (For italian students – and other non-english people – only very little english knowledge is more than enough to use it.)

Giovanna Paltrinieri, Valdensians Theological University, Rome



This is the best program I have found for Greek or Hebrew parsing practice. It has so many forms to practice on, and offers lots of options- Greek and Hebrew in one program or separate, choice of many specific or general categories to be quizzed on, multiple choice or supplied answer, and more. And I appreciate that if a form has more than one answer, it tells you which other answers would be correct as well. Great for those who want to improve their parsing skills, or just want to keep their skills sharp.



Sarah Chukwudebe

Thank you, Ulrik, for Paradigms Master Pro. I never thought that practising my biblical Hebrew paradigms would be fun, but you've certainly made it so. Using PMP you're able to see recurring patterns more quickly than you otherwise would, which builds your confidence.

Thank you, also for responding so quickly to your customers questions. I'm looking forward to those weqatal and wayyiqtol tests!!

Keep up the good work!

God bless you.

Sarah Chukwudebe


Luke Wisley

After taking courses in the biblical languages from introduction to advanced I found myself suffering, like others, with the instinct of recognizing the forms as quickly as I needed.

Paradigm Master Pro has served for me like a trainer in the gym because it gave me what I needed the most--repetition and variation. With hundreds of different individual quizzes and thousands of different known forms PMP's repetition and variety improved my weaknesses giving me immediate feedback by scoring each quiz as I went along. This immediate feedback along with scoring gave me a real indication how well I truly knew each form.

A great benefit of PMP is that it can be integrated with the classroom or self study no matter what grammar book you are using. PMP has become for me one of the most valuable tools for learning the biblical languages. It is a must have for anyone who really wants to read the languages.

Luke Wisley, New College, University of Edinburgh


Abel Pol

I love this program! The key to mastering a language is having a solid understanding of its paradigms and declensions. Paradigms Master Pro is letting me achieve that goal in the shortest time possible. Whether you're learning the language for the first time, need to retain what you have learned, or want to brush up on what you already know, Paradigms Master Pro is the solution. There is no faster, more effective way of advancing your language study than this one.

Abel Pol, Canada


Adam Pymble

Significant thanks for this! So pleased our tutor put me on to it, we're all grateful! I'm confident it's going to really help me to keep my Greek going once the course is over and I'm in the parish! ... Great stuff

Adam Pymble, Oxford University


David Clark

I studied Hebrew for two years beginning in 1994. I had already had 1 year of Greek and so I was looking for ways to drill paradigms. I used Hebrew tutor and Teknia early on, but back then the fonts were difficult to read and obviously graphics have improved greatly since then. 3 years ago I purchased a premiere Bible software that included vocabulary flash cards and verb drills. This program cost almost 400 dollars with a couple add ons. The drills of Paradigms Master Pro are much better than the ones included in this premiere Greek and Hebrew software! I like being able to review a single stem, aspect, or particular class of weak verbs. Not only are verbs included, but nouns, suffixes and even numbers! This makes review very easy. Alongside my introductory grammars, this has become the most valuable tool for helping me keep my Greek and Hebrew fresh. I can't believe how inexpensive it was given all it contains. Thank you Paradigms Master Pro!

A Satisfied Customer, David Clark


Geoff Downey

I truly can't say enough good things about the Update [to version 1.4.0] (except maybe that it has revealed just how out of practice I am on certain paradigms and the entire range of what I have to work on to maintain my skills). Ulrik, I am so impressed. The update is comprehensive and incredible. Thank you so much for your hard work. Your amplification of the categories to drill and practice is so helpful and much needed. Again, the only honest comment can be that I am staying up too late realizing how much I need to practice. But, that's my problem. You have fortified me with a solution.

Geoff Downey


Hilary Fijolek

Having been an instructor in university level sciences for 20 years, I think I know a good learning tool when I see one, and Paradigm Master Pro is great! I'm learning biblical Greek on my own, and have gotten about two-thirds through first year Greek. Even though I have a very good textbook, with a workbook and answer key, being self-taught comes with difficulty in testing one's knowledge accurately.

This program has been fantastic in letting me know how well I am mastering the paradigms, and exactly where my weaknesses are. I have gained speed and accuracy in translation already in using it for just a short time. I love the fact that there are two levels of quizzes, so I can gain confidence with the multiple choice quizzes, and then test myself more thoroughly with the full paradigms quizzes.

Also, while some programs seem to focus on a specific textbook (such as Mounce), this one does not. This is actually a great strength! If you truly know how words are formed in a language, and you want to become proficient, you need to be able to parse even unfamiliar words correctly. And one of the best features of the program is being able to choose how much you want to be tested on. You can select everything from small mini-quizzes on, for example, only second declension feminine nouns or only present active indicative verbs, all the way up to major tests on 308 nouns in all declensions, or 1784 verbs in almost every mood and tense! You can also select from a drop-down menu the number of quiz questions randomly asked out of the total available. Also, it's easy to go back to incorrect answers and review them again before you quit a quiz. The immediate feedback showing all possible correct answers and a % grade on your work is invaluable in learning and staying motivated. The program runs smoothly, the fonts in both Greek and Hebrew are ready to read, and the user interface is intuitive and easy to master.

Hilary Fijolek


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